Brad Penn PennGrade Motor Oil


Brad Penn PennGrade motor oil is desirable for their anti-wear additives, making them highly suitable for flat tappet camshaft engines. These high-quality race lubricants are made for racers, engine builders, and enthusiasts. PennGrade motor oils have a unique base oil that causes them to cling to your engine's parts, minimizing wear during high-torque, high-stress competition. They contain highly effective detergent and dispersant additives to keep your engine clean and running at the peak of performance. These motor oils are available in synthetic blends and straight grades. They are designed for the higher lubrication of competition engines with superior alcohol separation to ensure continual lubricating of the engine.

Oil Type:Semi-synthetic

Oil Weight:20W50

ZDDP Enhanced:Yes

API Rating:SN

Oil Volume: 1 quart

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