Blueprint Engines BP4003CT1 Small Block Chevy 400ci Base Engine501HP/470TQ

    Blueprint Engines BP4003CT1 Small Block Chevy 400ci Base Engine501HP/470TQ

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    • Use or break-in oil or conventional (non-synthetic) multi-viscosity oil with zinc additive for the first 500 miles of operation. Avoid hard acceleration for sustained periods. Periodically change the engine speed while driving to help seat the rings. While the engine is running, be sure to check oil pressure and coolant temperature, and check for fluid leaks, such as oil, transmission fluid, fuel, and coolant/antifreeze. Also listen for any unusual sounds. Should you hear an unusual sound,...
    • Engines with flat tappet cams only - Start the engine and bring it to 2,000 RPM. Get the engine running smoothly. Then vary the engine speed from 1,800-2,200 RPM in a slow acceleration/deceleration cycle for 30 minutes. This is necessary to provide adequate oil splash and lifter rotation to properly mate each lifter to its...
    • At 500 Miles change the engine oil and filter using conventional (non-synthetic) oil. After 6,000 miles, synthetic oils can be used in your engine.  For flat tappet cam engines, continued use of oil with zinc or a zinc additive for the life of your engine is...
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