Skunk2 306-05-1190 Alpha Series Connecting Rod for Honda D16/ZC Engines

    Skunk2 306-05-1190 Alpha Series Connecting Rod for Honda D16/ZC Engines

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    • Precision Machined Length: 13860mm 3/8-Inch ARP2000/Skunk2 bolts Shot-peened for reduced fatigue Bronze wrist pin bushings Laser-etched Skunk2 logo for authenticity Fatter, H-beam design without drastic weight increase Pin end compatible with most pistons without machining Dual-pin oil passages for increased lubrication and strength 900+ hp capable Balanced +/- 1 gram Magna-flux inspected Heat-treated FEA analyzed

    Details: Alpha Series rods are forged from select 4340 chromoly steel and feature a straight H-beam design, resulting in the ultimate strength-to-weight ratio. 4340 chromoly is one of the strongest materials available, however, not all 4340 chromoly is the same. As such, Skunk2 relies on extensive material testing and works closely with its foundry to produce high-quality rods at an affordable price. Comprehensive heat-treating, tempering, and shot-peening processes together ensure that each Alpha Series rod remains consistent and strong. Finally, each rod is magna-fluxed to ensure integrity and that each process has been completed thoroughly and according to Skunk2's rigid specifications.

    Package Dimensions: 9.8 x 4.2 x 4.1 inches

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