Electric Engines with EVgines | Engines.com Podcast Ep. 004

by Engines.com on September 11, 2020

Edward from EVgines talks about the future of Electric vehicles with John. The Future is here now. Personal and commercial 100% electric conversion technology available today from EVgine. F-150, F250, F350, delivery vans, Commercial box trucks up to Class 8 trucks and buses, with all class 1-8 vehicles keeping almost all their original OEM parts. He discusses his unique system to put an electric engine in a F150 while keeping all the other drive train components the same stock parts. Learn more about EVgines here https://evgine.com/ Explore the official marketplace of the Engine Industry at https://engines.com/ Join the community and Follow: https://www.facebook.com/enginesdotcom/ https://www.instagram.com/enginesdotcom/ https://pod.co/enginesdotcom