The Buyer Protection Program was designed to help put buyers at ease when making a purchase online. 

Buying an engine direct from a builder can be a risky thing, if something goes wrong it's only you versus them. Purchasing an Engine through gives you an added layer of protection. 

We help mediate any potential issues between engine buyers & sellers. It's our mission and purpose to make online powertrain purchases safe and easy for everyone. The difference between us and other online marketplaces is that our team is dedicated to powertrain products and are very experienced in diagnosing and assisting in engine product resolutions.

There are many factors when purchasing a powertrain product online, like the initial pricing, shipment and delivery, core returns, warranty processes and so on. Don't buy an engine or transmission alone, give us a call and let a Powertrain Valet be your advocate. Our service is free and we're here to help you.