1000HP Honda K24 Build! | AWD Turbo Acura RSX (Engine Build Part 1)

by Engines.com on July 17, 2022

Our 1000HP K-Series engine build is underway! Building a 1000HP Honda K24! | AWD Turbo Acura RSX (Engine Build Part 1) AWD Conversion parts used: 02-04 AWD CRV k-series Trans w/transfer case 02-04 CRV Front subframe 89-91 Civic wagon rt4wd driveshaft(Modified), viscous, rear diff, 2 long wagon axles (driveshaft shop) 1310 u-joints CRV trailing arms/knuckle hub assembly K-tuned RSX spherical LCA hub city performance rear diff mount kit Crv rear brakes/caliper brackets with RSX calipers Build partners: Real Street Performance Tuned by Rob Greengotuned Precision Turbo K-Tuned Driveshaft Shop KLM Race Turbosmart Hub city performance Gato Performance Injector Dynamics momentum motorsports magnus motorsport