1000HP Snowmobile?! 160MPH in 3 Seconds! (World's FASTEST Snowmobiles)

by Engines.com on April 03, 2022

1000+HP Turbo Snowmobiles?! On this episode we travelled to Snow Outlaws in Cable, WI to film the fastest snowmobiles in the world. These incredible machines fly down a 500ft snow track to over 160MPH in just 3 seconds and 0-60 MPH in under 1 second! The Snow Outlaws event was an incredible experience for the TRC team and to our surprise the outlaw snowmobiles ran so many parts relatable to automotive drag racing. The outlaw sleds are based on a Hypersports 4 cylinder engine design utilizing a hayabusa head, massive turbos, blowers and we even encountered the worlds first V-twin Nitro Harley snowmobile. Special thanks to Lakewoods resort in Cable, WI for hosting the event. As well as Chad, Jenny, and Craig from the snow outlaws for welcoming us with open arms. The TRC team worked really hard to put this one together and hopefully shed some spotlight on these amazing people, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!