1020HP Tesla Plaid vs FASTEST RC Car We've Seen! (Unreal Acceleration) + Car Guys React to Plaid

by Engines.com on July 13, 2021

On this episode we feature latest street legal spaceship by Tesla, the Model S Plaid! Our good friend Fonzie from Dipyourcar threw us the keys to his new car to get a full Plaid experience for the day. We couldn't find any street car fast enough to test against the plaid so we called Dan_TRC to bring his INSANELY FAST 4WD RC Car, it goes 0-60mph in roughly 1.5s, 132ft in 1.9 seconds, low 5's in the 1/8 mile, and has a top speed of over 140mph. We also took the TRC team for a ride to get reactions from diehard car guys who've experienced cars ranging from 500hp to 2000+HP. The Plaid shocked everyone! Make sure to check out the Dip Your Car channel Here: https://www.youtube.com/DipYourCarcom TRC Merch giveaway rules How to enter: - Must be subscribed to our channel - Comment what you think about the Tesla plaid in this video - Comment what is your favorite TRC feature video (must be 18 years old to enter) Prize: Three Subscribers will be chosen to receive a TRC merchandise bundle that will include: 2 Shirts, 1 hat, 1 backpack w/laptop sleeve, 1 phone case, and sticker bundle. Choosing winners: Three subscribers will be chosen two weeks from today on July 27th, the results will be posted here in the description of this video and we'll reply to the winners comments with details on how to claim your prize.