1100HP RB26 GTR Gettin’ Rowdy on the Street - Fastest Skyline R34 in the USA?! (40PSI + 9500RPM)

by Engines.com on May 29, 2020

On this episode we’re back with Larry from Drag International, we’re normally drooling over some of the fastest 2JZ powered cars at Drag Int... but this time we’re featuring an insanely fast Nissan R34 GTR V-Spec II. This car is likely one of the fastest R34 GTR’s in the USA, running a built RB26, ported/built head, 7685 turbo, factory 6 speed trans, 40psi of boost making over 1100awhp. This car produces a symphony of sounds and has the raw power to back it up. Enjoy the video!