1100HP Snowmobiles! 500ft in 3 Seconds Pulls Over 3G-Force! (World’s FASTEST SLEDS)

by Engines.com on March 16, 2023

1100HP Turbo and Screwcharged Snowmobiles?! We’re back in Cable, WI at Snow Outlaws to film the fastest snowmobiles in the world. These insane sleds fly down a 500ft snow track to over 160MPH in just 3 seconds and 0-60 MPH in about .9 seconds! Once again The Snow Outlaws event was an incredible experience for the TRC team, we even got the opportunity to ride a turbo snowmobile for the first time! The outlaw sleds are based on a 4 cylinder engine design utilizing a hayabusa head, turbos, screwchargers, prochargers! They run all sorts of fuel types like ethanol, methanol, and even nitro. Special thanks to Chad, Jenny, and Lakewoods resort in Cable, WI for the amazing hospitality and having us out again. We tried to spice up the coverage this year, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!