1200HP AWD SR20 Nissan Pulsar GTI-R "Mini Godzilla" + 1100HP R34 GTR Backroad Launch!

by Engines.com on May 18, 2023

1200HP AWD SR20 Nissan Pulsar GTiR RIDEALONG! + 1100HP R34 GTR ANTI-LAG Launch! Special thanks to Andrew from motive video for helping make this trip possible! https://www.youtube.com/@MotiveVideo -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRC Gear ➤ https://thatracingchannel.com/ Facebook ➤ http://facebook.com/ThatRacingChannel Instagram ➤ https://instagram.com/ThatRacingChannel -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recent Fan Favorite Videos: Sleeper Subaru STI GAPS Huracan Evo on the Street! : https://youtu.be/UEg9fafraSY 1400HP "Fire Donk" DESTROYS Aventador on the HIGHWAY! : https://youtu.be/VkL-W36-Puc Top Secret RB26 Supra Ride Along! : https://youtu.be/fQZwnmeQBV8