1200HP Skyline R32 GTR 3.2L Stroker (AWD RB30 Godzilla Project)

by Engines.com on September 05, 2020

The TRC R32 GTR build series is back!! On this episode we give you a recap of the project and a teaser for whats to come, we're beyond excited to get the GTR on the road for some testing and hit the track in the coming months. Stay tuned, new episodes begin next week! TRC R32 Build List: 1991 NIssan Skyline R32 GTR RB30 Spool Imports 3.2L Stroker (CP Pistons/Spool race rods) RIPS Racing extended capacity oil sump PRP RB30 AWD Wet Sump Block Brace RB26 Head porting solutions race port (ferrera valvetrain) Kelford 274 cams (182-S) MOTEC M150 (Tuned by Jay Meagher Real Street) PPG Sequential Transmission (6speed) OS Giken Quad plate clutch (R4C) OS Giken 1.5 Way Front LSD PRP CAM & Crank trigger kits w/CAS bracket Hypertune Intake Manifold w/ Drive by Wire TB (dual rail for 12 injectors) Hypertune exhaust manifold (with EGT bung) Hypertune Race Intercooler PTE 7685 Gen 2 Turbo Dual Turbosmart gen 5 wastegates Turbosmart BOV PRP RB R35 VR38 COIL BRACKET KIT PHR Triple Walbro Fuel Pump Hanger (3 walbro hellcat pumps) 12 ID1350 Injectors Peterson external oil pressure regulator Spool head oil drain kit Spool RB Crank Spline Collar Spool Billet spline drive oil pump gear Custom Chase bays power steering reservoir Custom Engine Harness powder coating by JETT Custom aluminum driveshaft Koyo Radiator