1300HP Integra?! (FWD 4cyl on 55PSI) + 1300HP Evo X (Worlds Fastest) + ROWDY Stick Shift Racing!

by Engines.com on July 07, 2020

on this episode we feature the worlds fastest Acura Integra(1/2 mile and roll racing) built by Myles Kerr from English Racing. Myle's Integra puts down a stout 1300WHP out of a 4cyl that revs to 10,000+RPM! also included is the English Racing 1300whp Evo X that currently holds the record for worlds fastest 1/4 mile and First Evo X into the 7's. As a bonus we included some of the most rowdy stick shift racing we've ever seen at TX2K, including 1500HP AWD Honda, 800HP Dodge Neon, 1100HP Stick shift DSM, 1000HP Evo, 1300HP Supra, rear bed mounted turbo truck, 1000HP Z06, 800HP VW. Enjoy!