1400HP AWD 4G63 on 80PSI of Boost! + 1400HP Frustrate AWD Honda "GTR Slayer" (BIG BOOST IMPORTS)

by Engines.com on October 30, 2020

FL2K20 was an absolute blast, some of the fastest cars from around the country came to compete! Enjoy this compilation of badass imports including Aarons 1400HP Eagle Talon on 80psi of boost, running the new Haltech Nexus R5 engine management and boostin performance shortblock(Manley billet crank). Drag internationals Nissan S15 pushing over 1800WHP through a 3.2L 2JZ on a Haltech Ecu tuned by Crispeed. Frustrates 1400HP AWD Honda and Insulina Racing's 1400HP 2JZ 240sx.