1500HP AWD B-Series Integra - 1.9L Honda DOMINATES 1500+HP EXOTICS! (Fastest Integra EVER 200+MPH)

by Engines.com on March 31, 2022

On this episode we feature the BADDEST Acura Integra on the planet! Myles Kerr aka Gringotegra pilots his 1500HP B-series Integra against some of the fastest street cars in the country at TX2K22. Being literally the only 4 cylinder competitor in a sea of GTR's, vipers and Lambos this 1.9L Honda was a crowd favorite and one of the most impressive at the event. Myles continues to push this platform to the edge, recently converting the integra to AWD using factory honda wagon parts, installed a fresh ppg dogbox trans and a new gen Precision 7685 turbo. These changes helped propel him well into eliminations where he ran a personal best MPH. Tag along and enjoy this cinematic journey of Myles' personal triumph during TX2K!