1600HP Skyline GTR MENTAL Ride Along in Australia! (3.6L RB BUILD?!)

by Engines.com on June 28, 2023

On this episode we're back with another insane feature from our TRC/Motive video downunder tour. we visit B2R Motorsports to check out some mental skyline GTR builds as well as a special treat with our first Honda feature of the trip! Special thanks to Andrew from motive video for helping make this trip possible! https://www.youtube.com/@MotiveVideo -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRC Gear ➤ https://thatracingchannel.com/ Facebook ➤ http://facebook.com/ThatRacingChannel Instagram ➤ https://instagram.com/ThatRacingChannel -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recent Fan Favorite Videos: 1744HP R34 GTR "RHM" - The CRAZIEST R34 GTR EVER?! : https://youtu.be/eXKxoJIXm80 Murder Nova "Fire Donk" DESTROYS Aventador on the HIGHWAY! : https://youtu.be/VkL-W36-Puc 1600HP Jeep Trackhawk VS 800HP AWD Honda Civic! : https://youtu.be/Ao1TiWxrJpM