3100HP Turbo Viper Screams 8200RPM to 209MPH + Fastest Gen 3 Viper EVER! (11,500HP Worth of Vipers)

by Engines.com on October 28, 2020

On this episode we feature Nth Moto's insanely cool team of Turbo Dodge Vipers, they brought 5 cars pushing over 11,500HP combined! Will Dugas' 3100WHP Juggernaut Turbo Gen 2 Viper was one of our favorite cars at FL2K20, it put on an impressive show for the fans running consistent bottom 7 second passes all weekend. Will's Viper goes 0-60mph in just over 1 second, 60-130mph in just over 2 seconds, and pulls over 2G's. Another fan favorite was the Blue Gen 3 Viper that currently holds the record for quickest and fastest Gen 3 Viper in the world. Watch along to get an in-depth look at the full army of Vipers built by the Nth Moto team, enjoy!