331MPH with a Real Street 2JZ?! - FASTEST 2JZ Ever Recorded (Mind-Blowing Speed)

by Engines.com on August 29, 2021

300+MPH with a 2JZ?! Jay Meagher from Real Street Performance is back at the Bonneville salt flats, but this time he strapped the RS1600 2JZ engine in Brad Bosworth's "Valley Fever" streamliner. His goal was to join the elite 300MPH club, he did just that with a best average top speed of 322MPH and reaching top speeds upwards of 330mph! Jay is widely known for his noteworthy accomplishments in tuning, engine building, and drag racing alongside his team at Real Street. This inspiring feat shows Jay's true passion for speed and pursuit of pushing the limits of the 2JZ platform. Congratulations to everyone involved!