4000+HP Murder Nova New No Prep Kings Build - STREET OUTLAW Garage Tour!

by Engines.com on March 11, 2023

On this episode we head back over to Shawn's (aka Murder Nova) new garage to get the latest on the new 4000+HP NPK Murder Nova build. We tour his garage of absolutely badass cars, he takes us for a spin in the 1400HP End Game Donk and get into an old school street race with one of his prized AWD trucks! Check out 187 Customs channel to follow Shawn and his crew! https://www.youtube.com/187customs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRC Gear ➤ https://thatracingchannel.com/ Facebook ➤ http://facebook.com/ThatRacingChannel Instagram ➤ https://instagram.com/ThatRacingChannel -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recent Fan Favorite Videos: Sleeper Subaru STI GAPS Huracan Evo on the Street! : https://youtu.be/UEg9fafraSY 1400HP "Fire Donk" DESTROYS Aventador on the HIGHWAY! : https://youtu.be/VkL-W36-Puc Top Secret RB26 Supra Ride Along! : https://youtu.be/fQZwnmeQBV8