500HP SXS 40PSI Ride-along | Pulls 1.4G-Force on the Street! (Turbo 3Cyl SCREAMS 9000RPM)

by Engines.com on May 06, 2021

On this episode we feature one of the most wild vehicles we've seen in awhile, this 2020 Turbo Can-Am X3 Side by Side built by Evolution Powersports makes north of 500HP utilizing the original 3 cylinder engine Pushing 40+psi of boost! It runs a plug and play Motec engine management system, built drivetrain, upgraded trans and clutch, putting all the power down through some massive drag tires. This bad machine pulls 1.4G's from a stop with a best 0-60mph in the 2 second flat range... safe to say it's one fo the baddest drag SXS we've come across. Enjoy!