919HP AWD Civic VS 1600HP Trackhawk - DIG REMATCH! (Honda Strikes Back)

by Engines.com on July 01, 2023

The TRC Invitational series is back!! Michael's AWD Honda Civic is back for revenge against James' 1600+WHP Jeep Trackhawk. Last episode both cars went head to head in a roll race. This time they're back to compete in a traditional drag race, heads up 1/4 mile race! Michael turns up the boost and picks up another 100whp making 914whp at 32psi of boost, will it be enough to take down the trackhawk?! Stay tuned for more TRC invitational series videos releasing soon! Want to compete?! If you're local to Florida and want to get in on the TRC invitational action reach out to us on social media to submit your ride! Races will be held at https://raceosw.com/dragway/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRC Gear ➤ https://thatracingchannel.com/ Facebook ➤ http://facebook.com/ThatRacingChannel Instagram ➤ https://instagram.com/ThatRacingChannel