Building a 2JZ Nissan 240SX in 25 Minutes!

by on January 29, 2023

What's up TRC fam! I'd like to introduce to you my new personal project. It's a 1997 Nissan Kouki S14 and it's in need of some serious TLC! Our goal is to bring this beautiful Nissan back to life and make it an all around badass street car. With the help of close friends and partners we've made over the years we're going to restore the car on a budget, saving money where we can but keeping in mind future goals with the car. The OG TRC fans will remember my 7 second 2JZ 240, i parted ways with that car about 6 years ago and i've missed it ever since. After years of searching for the right car, we were finally lucky enough to score one for a pretty good deal. Let the fun begin!