SAVAGE 1100HP AWD Honda Civic DOMINATES Domestics & 1600HP GTR! (H22 50PSI 10,500RPM)

by on June 03, 2020

Aaron Lopez built a heck of a machine, today we're featuring his 1100HP AWD Honda Civic running a Turbocharged H22 engine revving to 10,500RPM on 50PSI of boost. Our good friends from@StreetScienceTX followed aaron out to a no prep cash days event where he was lined up with some very fast domestics and a 1600HP 7 second Nissan GTR. some of the competitors wouldnt race aaron's honda unless they were given a 1-2 car head start in an 1/8 mile drag race. Watch along to see aaron and his honda civic do some work from a dig! Enjoy!