TRC R32 GTR NEW 1400HP TURBO! | TE37 Wheels | Custom Manifold (Fastest R32 in the USA UPDATE)

by on September 11, 2022

TRC R32 GTR UPDATE! Let's gooo! On this episode we go over the upgrades we made to the R32 since we last went 8's setting the record for fastest R32 GTR in the usa. We're stoked to try out the new Precision 8085 Next GEN Turbo along with a new custom turbo manifold. One of our favorite changes is the set of TE37 wheel that we'll use for street duty. After going 8's we had safety upgrades in mind so we started our first round of safety upgrades while still keeping the car fully streetable. TRC Apparel: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok: