TURBO SPOON HONDA NSX-R GT Cruisin' Streets of Miami! “JDM UNICORN" (Authentic Spoon Race Car)

by Engines.com on September 11, 2020

On this episode of TRC we're back with TRAP TEAM featuring one of the most iconic JDM race cars of all time... The 2005 Spoon Honda NSX-R GT! Brett from TRAP TEAM gives us a full breakdown and then we cruise the streets of Miami. This is the exact car that Spoon/TypeONE founder Tatsuru Ichishima was driving in the 2008 Macau GP Road Sports Challenge. It was unfortunately involved in an accident on qualifying day, but the car was repaired overnight and was still competitive on race day, with Ichishima driving it to 6th place overall and 3rd in it's class. Enjoy!